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Simply donate by SMS

SMS donation simplifies giving for younger target groups

For over 50 years, LICHT INS DUNKEL has made it its goal to help people with disabilities and families with children in emergency situations quickly and unbureaucratically via the emergency aid fund. Every year, the association also supports over 400 social and disabled projects through project funding.

Launched in 1973 as a Christmas campaign, LICHT INS DUNKEL is now firmly anchored in the minds of Austrians as the country's most popular fundraising campaign - and accepts donations all year round for the benefit of people with disabilities and families in emergency situations.

SMS donation simplifies giving for younger target groups

Since 2019, it has therefore also been possible to make a donation to LICHT INS DUNKEL by simply sending a text message via your mobile phone bill. Since last year, the donation via mobile phone bill has also been available as a payment option when making an online donation via deposited.

Three steps to SMS donation

For donors, the SMS donation is a simple three-step process: Donors send an SMS with their desired donation amount for LICHT INS DUNKEL between EUR 1 and EUR 50 to 0800 664 24 12. Registration or the entry of personal data is not necessary. The respective mobile phone operator sends an SMS for verification, which is confirmed by the donor with YES. The donation is completed and the donor receives an SMS with a thank you and information about the tax deductibility of the donation.

Do good with just a few clicks

On the biggest donation day of the year, 24.12.2020, LICHT INS DUNKEL recorded an increase of 40 % in SMS donations compared to the first day of 2019. Numerous donors were thus able to contribute to the total donation result of EUR 20.5 million via payment by cell phone bill - the best result since the company was founded. The years go by and even today, donating by SMS is as popular as ever.


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