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Paying by mobile phone bill: FAQ for users

Below you will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.

How does it work?

 "Zahlen per Handyrechnung" is a payment service of the Austrian mobile phone providers A1, Drei and Magenta. All customers with a mobile phone contract can use it to pay in many online shops. Billing then takes place via the mobile phone bill.

Digital products in particular can be purchased with this payment service. These include, for example, apps or in-app purchases, games, music, films, e-books or electronic tickets. Even donations to charitable organisations can be settled via the mobile phone bill.

The maximum payment amount that can be settled via the mobile phone bill is 50 euros per purchase. The monthly limit is 300 euros. Depending on the tariff, the network operator can also set lower limits.

 "Pay by mobile bill" is already possible in many online stores. These include, for example, the major stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Huawei App Gallery or Samsung Galaxy Store. Here you can find the list of the most important partners.

Paying by mobile phone bill is also easily possible via a computer or tablet. Here, the payment is secured with an SMS-TAN procedure. To do this, the user enters his mobile phone number on the website. He then receives an SMS with a TAN, which in turn must be entered on the website to confirm the payment by mobile phone bill.

Unlike other payment methods, no sensitive data has to be deposited. This makes the payment service simple and secure.

Paying by mobile phone bill is not tied to a mobile phone brand. All you need is a smartphone with a SIM card and a mobile phone contract. All payments made are then shown on the next mobile phone bill.

Similar to online banking, the most modern security protocols are used for data transmission. In addition, a TAN query protects against unwanted payments.

To avoid unwanted payments, you should only be able to unlock your screen using a PIN code, fingerprint or Face ID. Most providers of digital goods offer the possibility to set up access passwords. Access passwords are an additional protection against misuse. In addition, you should change passwords regularly. Since a lot of sensitive data is stored on your smartphone, always treat it like a wallet. You can prevent downloads from unknown sources in the mobile phone settings. In addition, you should regularly check your mobile phone bill.

You can cancel subscriptions that you have taken out in the large app stores, for example from Apple, Google or Huawei, directly there. Otherwise, all subscriptions can be cancelled in the self-care tool of the respective network operator.

Of course, "Pay by mobile phone bill" can also be deactivated. This is possible in the self-care tool of the respective network operator.

Have you used "Pay by mobile bill" for the first time?

  • Check in the self-care tool of your network operator whether the payment service is deactivated.
  • If you use a company cell phone, contact your administrator. Not every employer allows payments to be made by mobile phone bill
  • Not all contract rates and brands support this payment method. Ask your network operator directly whether "Pay by mobile phone bill" is possible for you.

Are you using "Pay by mobile bill" but it's not working right now?

  • Make sure that your monthly or personal limit has not yet been exceeded.
  • Try to perform the payment process again at a later time
  • When using a TAN, make sure that you have entered the TAN correctly or that you have not exceeded the time limit.

If you have any questions about your purchases, please contact the vendor directly. They have all the information about your purchase. If you need additional information about a transaction itself, you will find it on your mobile phone bill or in the self-care tool of your network operator. Of course, your mobile network provider is also available to answer any additional questions you may have.


All purchases and providers are listed on your mobile phone bill.

The "Pay by mobile phone bill" service is completely free of charge for mobile phone customers.

Terms explained

With "third-party vendor" or "Third Party Services" is the Dealer/ Seller of its products are meant. For example, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, Huawei App Gallery, etc. are referred to as third-party providers or their products are referred to as third-party services.

Many smartphone apps, especially game apps but also console games, are often offered free of charge. If virtual gold coins, tokens, new characters or similar are purchased within an installed game, this process is referred to as a "token". In-app purchase designated.

ZaDiG is the abbreviation for the Payment Services Act, which provides the legal framework for payments in Austria. Specifically, "Paying by mobile phone bill" makes use of an exemption clause, which was defined in ZaDiG §3 Z12. For some providers, ZaDiG §22 is applied.
Here you will find the complete version.

A mobile phone contract is a contract with fixed services and fixed terms that is concluded between customers and mobile phone providers. It is individually tailored to the customer's needs and ensures smooth use of the mobile phone. At the end of the month, the customer receives an overview of the services used.

With prepaid tariffs, you make calls and surf the Internet using a prepaid credit balance without a contract with a mobile phone provider. There is no monthly basic fee. The preloaded credit makes it easier to control costs, making this type of billing particularly attractive for children and young people. If the credit is used up, it can easily be topped up again. As a rule, paying by mobile phone bill does not work with prepaid tariffs.

TAN stands for transaction number. A TAN is usually required for all banking transactions conducted online. The number, which usually has four to six digits, is a one-time password that must be entered for certain online transactions to verify identity. Without this entry, no transaction will take place. The TAN is usually sent by SMS.

The ticket is the provision of services in paper form . Usually it is used for transportation, parking or admission to events or cinemas. The electronic ticket replaces the paper form. However, the principle remains the same.

Digital goods are goods that are sold, delivered and consumed electronically. These include, for example, apps, e-books or online games.

Safety and security

  • Do not pass on any TAN codes to others. Neither personally nor to online friends.
  • Always secure your mobile phone with a PIN code to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Do not leave your mobile phone unattended around children or strangers, or block "Pay by mobile bill" in the Selfcare tool beforehand.
  • Enable password entry in the various app stores to prevent purchases by children especially with in-app purchases.
  • Look out for the confirmation SMS after purchase and the invoice sent to your registered email address.
  • Perform regular software updates , for example for your browser.
  • Disable the autofill function, especially for payments.
  • Always check your current cell phone bill.

If you suspect abuse, immediately block "Pay by mobile phone bill" with your mobile operator and contact the provider from whom the products/services were purchased. In many cases, they are very accommodating. In addition, the payment method is prevented by the provider. This prevents further damage.

Our children are growing up in a digital world. They use computers and smartphones as a matter of course. A few calls to value-added services or purchases are quickly made. A registration there, a few clicks here, and your child has the app he or she wants.

To help you avoid unpleasant surprises on your or your child's bill, network operators A1, Drei and Magenta offer special protection mechanisms specifically for children and young people. With active child and youth protection set up via your network operator, no more unwanted purchases can be made. Please contact your network operator directly for more information.

In addition, we recommend the protection mechanisms from Google, Apple and Microsoft. These not only offer protection against unwanted purchases, but also ensure age-appropriate access to content.

Paying by cell phone bill now also at georg

Since December 12, 2022, it is also possible with the mobile provider "Georg" via the cell phone bill, for example, to make purchases in the App or Google Playstore, or to pay for parking tickets at HANDYPARKEN.

Paying by cell phone bill now also at XOXO

With powerful yet affordable rates for smartphones and cube, XOXO offers students in Austria a new alternative to the standardized providers. And on top of that, they benefit from the advantages of the "pay by cell phone bill" payment method without additional costs for a payment method.

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