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"Zahlenperhandyrechnung" opens up new business models for you. Especially digitally supported products can be purchased quickly and easily with this payment method.

10.8 million people in Austria have a cell phone contract and thus have a digital wallet in their pocket with their cell phone.


Often, business success is related to the payment methods available to your customers. "Zahlenperhandyrechnung" is the future of payment.

Test the customer experience of a payment directly. Experience for yourself how easy, secure and fast a payment can be. All you need is your cell phone and the corresponding phone number from Austria.


Learn more about how you can pick up potential customers.

RA Dr. Bernd Fletzberger, PFR Attorneys at Law

Legal basis for "Zahlenperhandyrechnung"

"Zahlenperhandyrechnung" is also known in technical jargon as Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), i.e. the direct billing of payment transactions via the mobile phone operator. DCB is a practical mobile payment option that does not require the disclosure of bank or credit card data.

Where can you pay by mobile phone bill?

The biggest online stores now accept "Zahlenperhandyrechnung". Apps, games, music, e-books, movies, tickets and much more can be paid for with this service.

Now 3€ cashback
save in iOS appstore

Do you have a cell phone contract with A1 or Magenta? Then get a €3 credit* on your first purchase with your cell phone bill at the Apple Store.

* in the promotional period between 15.8. and 7.9.23

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