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HANDYSPENDEN - help that arrives quickly and easily!

Mobile phone donations reach people where they like to be and where they spend a lot of time - on their mobile phones.

It is undisputed that Mr. and Mrs. Austrians are extremely generous donors. Year after year, there is a great willingness to help when organizations call for support for those in need - think of projects such as "Neighbors in Need", "Light into Darkness" or the "Ö3 Christmas Miracle", to name just a few.

The idea of using the mobile phone to make donations quickly and easily has been around since the turn of the millennium, when the mobile phone celebrated its worldwide triumph. The donation organizations recognized fast that Handyspenden possesses large Potenzial, in order to motivate a broad population layer to the participation in aid projects. Donating by mobile phone is also quick, easy and can be done from anywhere and is also being used more and more by target groups that were previously not easy to reach, such as younger donors.

"Zahlenperhandyrechnung" - fast, uncomplicated and a wide reach!

For example, for the Haiti earthquake victims already in 2010 by means of SMS donations via € 100.000,- to collect additional mobile donations - at that time via a precursor of the current payment service Zahlenperhandyrechnung.

Due to the legal changes (ZDAG 2) or changed banking regulations, the changeover to the current "Zahlenperhandyrechnung". And became more digital according to the new age.

In the modern "Zahlenperhandyrechnung"The payment process can be authorized either via SMS or via a mobile website, which means that two processes take place in the background for the transaction - via SMS or online on the Internet.

By means of mobile phone donations, the recording and consideration of deductible SMS donations for tax purposes is also technically possible without any problems.

Without additional registration or entry of sensitive data, such as account information, the donation is conveniently billed via the monthly mobile phone bill. Since the purchase/donation process is technically relatively simple and not error-prone, it is much less likely to be aborted by the customer. In each case, transactions up to € 50,- per payment and a maximum of € 300,- per month allowed.

Mobile phone donations reach people where they like to be and where they spend a lot of time - on their mobile phones.

Currently, about 5 million mobile phone connections in Austria are eligible for donation, and the trend is still rising.

The great Advantage of donating a mobile phone lies in the generation new target groupsi.e. there is no reallocation of payment methods, but additional donation volume can be generated. Especially younger potential donors are addressed by the modern donation variant.

Donating via SMS can also be done in a relatively simple and user-friendly way by means of Scan of a QR codes be triggered. Here, there are many opportunities and possibilities for the donation organizations to attach their QR codes (e.g. on table displays at events, on posters, flyers, etc.) to encourage people to donate. Due to the current Covid-19 measures, such as digital guest registration or Corona self-tests at home using QR codes, a broad public is now familiar with scanning QR codes and is happy to take advantage of this simple and convenient data collection option.

Our mobile phone donation solution is already successfully in use with the following customers:

  • Ö3 Christmas miracle for Licht ins Dunkel
  • Greenpeace
  • Caritas
  • A neighbour in need

Every year again: the Ö3 Christmas miracle - a famous application from our practice

At Ö3 Christmas Miracle 2019 could already have over € 120.000,- via mobile donations - with a total donation volume of € 3.8 million, this is a truly remarkable share! As SMS donations are limited to € 50,- per transaction and there were of course many corporate or large donations, the mobile phone donors represented a relatively large group.

The advertising of the already traditional annual donation project "Ö3 Christmas Miracle" on the radio, is due to the large audience of the most popular Austrian radio station, in this case, of course, simple and very effective.

Listeners who are willing to donate can send the desired donation amount between € 1,- and a maximum of € 50,- via SMS to a defined mobile phone number, e.g. 10 for a donation of € 10,-.

The donor then receives an SMS from the network operator with the request to make the donation with YES to confirm. If this is affirmed, a confirmation follows via SMS message that the donation was successful.

In this case, the donor can also express a music wish via a link.

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, so mobile phone donations are also possible directly via the Internet. This appeals in particular to the younger target group, who transact a lot via the Internet.

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