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Now: Your Netflix subscription with payment by cell phone bill!

Good news for Netflix users in Austria! From now on, you can pay your Netflix subscription conveniently and securely via your cell phone bill. This makes it even easier to watch your favorite shows, movies and series on the popular streaming platform.

Customers can now pay for their Netflix subscription via their cell phone bill: Here's how it works

Want to watch the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix?

Cell phone users can now pay for their Netflix subscriptions directly via their cell phone bill - the only prerequisite is that they have a cell phone contract.

You can then As usual, many well-known highlights as well as popular series, films and documentaries from Netflix in the subscription like Break Point, House of Money, Red Notice, The Mother, Fubar with Arnold Schwarzenegger by streaming.

Not sure if you can use "pay by mobile bill" on the popular streaming service directly to watch your favorite series? Then take our test right here simple - and of course free - self-test.

One big advantage: if you pay for your Netflix subscription via your cell phone bill, you don't need to no more entering credit card or bank account data.

Pay Netflix by cell phone bill: no credit card or bank details required

On the Internet, always be careful when making payments. The less personal data you disclose, the safer you are. We help you protect your data.

These are the Advantages of paying by cell phone bill

  • Simple: You don't have to enter any credit card or bank account information.
  • Sure: Less risk of identity theft and fraud because you don't have to share sensitive financial information.
  • Comfortable: Pay for your Netflix subscription directly through your cell phone bill - you don't need a bank account or credit card.

From now on you can therefore pay for your Netflix subscription conveniently and securely via your cell phone bill! There's no more hassle of entering credit or account information - you just have to change the payment method once in Netflix.

How to set "Pay by mobile bill" on Netflix to pay for your subscription

If you are interested in Netflix logged in, you can change your Manage payment information easily and select "Pay with mobile bill" from the various Netflix payment methods.

To do this, go to the "Membership & Billing" section and select "Pay with cell phone bill. Enter your mobile number and confirm the payment. That's it! From now on, your Netflix subscription will be securely and easily billed to your mobile bill every month.

Conclusion: Paying by cell phone bill for Netflix is convenient and secure

Netflix you can pay conveniently and securely by cell phone bill if you have a cell phone contract. You don't have to worry about sharing bank details or credit card details like you do with other payment options. So you can relax and enjoy your favorite shows and series on Netflix.

More about "Paying by cell phone bill" | Help with further questions

If you want to know if you can pay Netflix by cell phone bill as a payment method, the best way is to do our right here short self-test, free of charge of course. There you will also find other interesting apps that allow you to pay by cell phone bill instead of credit card or bank account. If you have general questions about your mobile phone bill, simply contact the customer service of your mobile phone provider.

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