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Simple and secure payment

Is paying by mobile phone bill also secure? Are you sufficiently protected against misuse? Find out more here.

Extensive safety

In order to prevent unwanted payments, Austrian mobile providers use extensive security mechanisms or have set security-related framework conditions for the provider. In a digital store, for example, full registration is required. If the payment method "mobile phone bill" is selected, the phone number must be verified via SMS code.

With many providers, you also receive a TAN via SMS before the purchase to confirm the payment again. On a PC or laptop, payment by mobile phone bill is only made after entering a TAN. In addition, customers can block "Pay by mobile phone bill" free of charge with their mobile phone provider, for example directly in the self-care tool of the respective mobile phone provider. This blocking option is usually found under the term "third-party services". The blocking is effective immediately. All transactions can also be viewed at any time in this tool.

Maximum consumer protection

These and some other technical security mechanisms protect customers from misuse and unwanted payments. In addition, of course, the same precautions apply that are valid for other payment methods. You will find these here in our FAQ.

SMS donation simplifies giving for younger target groups

Simply donate by SMS

For donors, the SMS donation is a simple three-step process: Donors send an SMS with their desired donation amount for LICHT INS DUNKEL between EUR 1 and EUR 50 to 0800 664 24 12.

Now 3€ cashback
save in iOS appstore

Do you have a cell phone contract with A1 or Magenta? Then get a €3 credit* on your first purchase with your cell phone bill at the Apple Store.

* in the promotional period between 15.8. and 7.9.23

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