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Fundraising campaign "NACHBAR IN NOT - Earthquake victims Turkey and Syria".

NEIGHBOR IN NEED: A1 helps twice

Calls to Turkey and Syria are free of charge from February 10 until the end of February 2023. In addition, the A1 donation call center for Neighbor in Need has been available since February 7.

A1 helps quickly and unbureaucratically: All those A1 customers who have lost their relatives, friends or business partners in the Turkey and Syria would like to achieve, do this from February 10 - February 28, 2023 free of charge from your A1 cell phone or A1 fixed network.

The free calls to Turkey and Syria apply to all customers of A1 (incl., yesss!, bob, Red Bull Mobile and XOXO as well as all brands in the A1 network.

Donation number NEIGHBOR IN NEED

The dramatic events in Turkey and Syria leave the whole of Austria and the world speechless. The earthquakes in this region have cost thousands of lives in recent days and left a trail of devastation. In order to be able to help the people in the affected areas quickly, the ORF has launched the campaign on February 7, 2023 "NEIGHBOR IN EMERGENCY - Earthquake victims Turkey and Syria". started.

Donate by phone for NACHBAR IN NOT

As many people as possible should be able to donate easily. A1 also helps with this: The Donation number 0800 664 2023 was activated within a few hours and is available until further notice.

Donate via SMS

Send a SMS with your Donation between € 1,- and € 50,- to the number +43 664 660 44 66. Once sent, you will receive an SMS back, which you confirm with "Yes". This also works with contract cell phones from Magenta and Drei. Your donation will then be deducted from your next cell phone bill.

Appeal for donations for Nachbar in Not - donation number +43 664 660 44 66
Appeal for donations for Nachbar in Not - donation number +43 664 660 44 66

What happens to my "NACHBAR IN NOT" donation?

Tens of thousands of injured people urgently need medical care. Many people have lost their homes and are forced to live in tents and emergency shelters in bitterly cold temperatures. Food, water and hygiene articles are urgently needed. The full extent of this disaster is not yet foreseeable - in any case, the need is immeasurable.

More information for on-site assistance within the framework of NEIGHBOR IN NEED can be found here:

SMS donation simplifies giving for younger target groups

Simply donate by SMS

For donors, the SMS donation is a simple three-step process: Donors send an SMS with their desired donation amount for LICHT INS DUNKEL between EUR 1 and EUR 50 to 0800 664 24 12.

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