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Paying by cell phone bill now also at XOXO

From January 27, 2022, it will also be possible to make purchases from the mobile provider "XOXO" via its cell phone bill, for example in the App or Google Playstore, or from HANDYPARKING to pay for parking tickets. With the "pay by cell phone bill" function, the mobile service launched by A1 in October 2021 provides a simple payment option as a real alternative to other payment methods. As XOXO is aimed primarily at students, the target group is given a simple, fast payment method without having to own a credit card or enter sensitive bank data. All that is needed is a smartphone with a SIM card from XOXO.

About XOXO

On October 4, 2021, A1 Telekom Austria AG launched "XOXO," the new mobile communications service for students.

In collaboration with the DDFG agency and WARDA NETWORK, A1 created a brand that sets an example for dialog and togetherness in an increasingly polarizing society. The invitation Connect, Hug & Kiss becomes a visual abbreviation (XOXO), which is not only a brand name but also a symbol of a society that values each other. 

With powerful yet affordable rates for smartphones and cube, XOXO offers students in Austria a new alternative to the standardized providers. And on top of that, they benefit from the advantages of the "pay by cell phone bill" payment method without additional costs for a payment method.

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